Green quality Made in Italy for 50 years

Our factory is a historic cotton mill of the late '800, which has become a reference point for the territory. 
Lederplast's industrial production aims to offer high quality products, in full respect of the surrounding environment. 

Lederplast: Qualità green Made in Italy da 50 anni
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Lederplast is born. The former nineteenth-century cotton mill of Pessinetto, in the Lanzo valleys, is converted into a modern factory. Within a few years it became a reference point for the territory and a virtuous example of plastics processing, even in the midst of the oil crisis.


In order to include new application areas and increase product availability, the plant's warehouse is expanded. With this strategic choice, Lederplast is still able to guarantee a wide and immediate offer of its productions.


Thanks to the company's growth and the inclusion of new application sectors, Lederplast begins its adventure beyond the Alps with the first marketing abroad. Today, Lederplast is a brand known and appreciated in the world



The ancient hydroelectric plant, supplied by the Stura di Lanzo, is modernized and used for energy production. The presence of the river is a constant in the history of Lederplast, always attentive to the delicate balance of the mountain territory in which it is inserted. Sustainability, clean energy and respect for the territory are fundamental elements of the company philosophy.


Following the partnership with Biocote®, Lederplast implements a new antibacterial formulation based on silver ions, guaranteeing sanitized and hygienically suitable products for any type of use. Maximum safety and hygiene of the work.


Adherence to green principles and the desire to comply with environmental requirements lead Lederplast to obtain the AUA (Single Environmental Authorization). Annual checks are carried out on emissions in order to ensure maximum respect for the surrounding ecosystem.



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Fast delivery
Our production processes and the storage quantity of our warehouse allow us to offer fast and efficient delivery. 

Tailor made
Thanks to lederplast  flexibility and versatility, we can offer tailor-made solutions to meet every need.

Consistent quality
We carry out continuous research and optimization work on the product and on the processing processes, to always guarantee excellent quality standards.

Lederplast: Tecnologie all’avanguardia

research and development

State-of-the-art technologies

Our internal research and development laboratory allows us to implement cutting-edge technologies in our productions. We subject our articles to rigorous controls according to the reference standards, using a complex and highly specialized equipment park. We also have Xenotest technology, with which we test the behavior of our products to atmospheric agents, simulating their prolonged exposure in a short time. 



Protection of the territory

Our factory is located in a small mountain village, surrounded by greenery and near the river. The protection of the environment that welcomes us is essential for us; This is why we constantly monitor and minimize the degree of emissions generated. We use liquid gas for production processes, less polluting than traditional fuels. Just as we use the hydroelectric plant to generate clean energy, in support of green values and sustainability.



Transparency and reliability: our certifications are shared testimony of the quality and environmental respect of our productions. 

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