BIOCOTE for Lederplast

lederplast biocote

Our partner BIOCOTE ®, leader in the market of antimicrobial additives, renews his graphic web page dedicating LEDERPLAST a space about his history and products born thanks to their cooperation.

This kind of partnership guarantees innovative an high quality products fabrication. BIOCOTE® component is synonymous with better hygiene, resistance of the growth of bacteria, mold and microbes.

Innovation and research always distinguish LEDERPLAST in high quality standards. The following products containing BIOCOTE ® component are addressed to private and public coating, health and hospital sector, and they are having a remarkable feedback in the market.

Ecco i nostri prodotti attualmente trattati con BioCote :

These products are addressed to private and public upholstery, health and sanitary and they are recording a very good feed-back every day more.